Net Neutrality


It’s time to pick a side. Net neutrality does not benefit any consumers.

It’s been a while since I’ve written but current events have gotten my blood boiling enough lately that I felt inspired to write this down.

The FCC is trying to take net neutrality away again. I, for one, am sick and fucking tired of having to deal with this argument. How many times are we going to have to deal with this debate?

No one wants their internet to be throttled or function in a way like AOL used to or the way phone providers handle wireless data. I pay enough for internet from the one provider available to me in my area as it is. I should not be required to pay even more because I watch too much Netflix or listen to music on a non-stop basis. Imagine what it would be like if one night, you’re watching a Let’s Play or Game of Thrones and a little box pops up saying “Sorry! You’ve used all of your internet for this month! Upgrade to our ‘high streaming’ package or wait until the next billing cycle to finish this show.” Just the thought of such a thing occurring makes my teeth itch and my head hurt. What if all of the blogs that we love were taken down because they didn’t toe the party line?

We live in a wonderful digital age where this mass communication has made an impact on society on a scale that has never before been seen. I do wonder if the cork can be put back in the bottle on this issue or if this will cause an uprising on a nationwide scale.

The internet should be a free area for all of us to interact, create, and share. The sad thing is that these are the very reasons they want to take that away. Taking away these net neutrality laws is not a good thing. It’s so they can control the what we see.  What interests me is if the upper echelon will have their internet history searched. I wonder if they might change their minds if their search history was revealed…

This country is on a nasty trend of moving backwards year after year. It’s getting harder for people to express themselves on college campuses, political activists on both sides are behaving like scumbags, and now the cable companies are trying to take away an expression of free speech.

A quote from 1984:

“The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power.”


Make your voices heard and hope it makes a difference. I’m putting a link to where you can find out how to contact your congressman. They’ve got information on phone calls, emails, tweets, and other forms for support. Do whatever you deem necessary.




The Science of Fooling Dumb People


Pseudoscience is believing in things that claim to be scientific, in the absence of any scientific evidence. What is in us that drives this obsession with believing in things that make no logical sense? Dianetics, astrology, flat earthers, holocaust deniers: all of these are silly beliefs to hold and I cannot understand why anyone would. Is it a lack of education? Are people just trying to troll people by saying they think the earth is flat like a pizza? What are these people thinking? I’m going to look into Scientology specifically.



Scientologists believe some crazy shit, even for religious folks. Among many things, they believe humans are temporary form, inhabited by your infinite self – not solely unique among religions. A being named Xenu (pictured above), who was the dictator of the Galactic Federation, brought his kin to Earth – which was then named Teegeeack– 75 million years ago on what is essentially an airplane, killed them with hydrogen bombs and their thetans cause spiritual harm to human beings. You sign billion year contracts, guaranteeing that your future incarnations will also be indoctrinated into the Church of Scientology. This church robs people out of millions of dollars, and strings them along with nothing but more and more nonsense and secrecy, used to keep the carrot on the string so they keep spending more money to achieve the next OT (operating thetans) level.

They believe that humans evolved from clams, all psychiatrists are demons, and that any critic of Scientology can be harmed in defense of the church – also not uncommon among religious types. If an elite member of of the church misbehaves, they get taken to The Hole, a prison where it’s reported that you get all kinds of strange punishments. It has been reported that you may be forced to stand in a trash bin while being sprayed with water, cleaning toilets with toothbrushes, and sleeping on a cement floor with bugs all around.

And this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. All of these things were written by a man who wrote an insane amount of science fiction novels. We know this for a fact, and yet people choose to believe anything he’s written down as some sort of historical account of the universe. Leah Remini, among many others, have gotten out of the church and gone on a sort of crusade to bring light to what actually goes on in the church, especially the higher echelon. She reports missing people, and being held ‘captive’ after questioning things like Tom Cruise’s behavior.

If someone were brought up in this brain-washing church, I can understand why someone would have no other choice but to believe. Everyone in the church acts as a watch-guard to the other members, and must report any misbehavior. Similar to North Korea, this forces everyone to not want to step out of line, because all eyes are watching. It’s almost genius. But it’s the folks who choose to adopt Scientology late in life that confuse me.  What do people think before signing their soul away for a billion years?

Flat Earth Society


Now this is another one that confuses me greatly. I’m nearly certain that a lot of folks claiming to believe that Earth is flat are just trolling people. I certainly hope that a decent number of folks who presumably have a high school  education would believe that we live on a large pizza-like object floating in space. They seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of physics, in thinking that all of the water would move to the ‘south’ end of the planet because of gravity. Flat Earthers also believe that there is some kind of giant ice wall in Antarctica, which marks the edge of the planet. How do these people explain how you could fly west in one direction continuously and land in the same spot? We don’t live on the face of a coin, folks. Why would we have time zones?

I think these people have demonstrated that they have no clue what they’re talking about. Of course the Earth seems flat because we have no sense of scale. As you travel along around the globe, of course it would appear flat, because we’re so small that we cannot see it. But when you fly in an airplane you can actually see the curvature of the Earth. They also claim that no photos of the whole earth have ever been taken, which is demonstrably untrue, but they refuse to accept any evidence to the contrary. Why are all of the continents not on the same plane in these photos?

What the hell, people?

It’s nearly impossible for me to wrap my head around how people believe these things. I don’t have the mental energy to commit to these thoughts any more. Are people really doing it just to annoy others?

Is it easier to just be dumb?